Zalibuna’s goal is to design and set up a one man roller coaster down the hills of Kambarnir near Hveragerði which is one of the most traveled areas in Iceland. The unique experience of racing down a hill combined with the beautiful view Iceland has to offer is the reason why this is such an exciting project. Additionally we will be operating a charming restaurant at the top of the hill with a beautiful observation deck combined with a souvenir shop.

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The Team

Davíð Örn Símonarson

Framkvæmdastjóri // CEO

S: 848-3845

Skúli Sigurðsson

Fjármálastjóri // CFO

S: 690-2286

Dóra Björk Þrándardóttir

Markaðsstjóri // CMO

S: 772-1741

Sindri Rafn Sindrason

Tæknistjóri // CTO

S: 866-1988